Expensya updates [May 2021]

Today, times have changed, we all wear masks and we all work differently. The same is happening at Expensya!

Our daily work consists of constantly providing you with a new user experience and new features that do not disappoint. This new update offers an even more powerful solution with new features that you will surely love

Read ahead what we have in store for you!

Accessibility and voice guidance

Expensya aims to be as inclusive and as accessible as possible. With this aim, comes our new accessibility update. Our visually impaired users will now be able to navigate our application with an audio guide that converts visual design elements into synthesized speech.

Note: This feature is accessible via the mobile app

Multipage invoice view

This new addition now makes it possible to view multi-page invoices on iOS and Android.

Note: This feature is accessible via the mobile app

Policy management with assets

Our teams offer you flexibility with setting up your expense policies. It is now possible to set them up and choose whether or not they apply to assets.

Note: This feature is accessible via the website

Modification to a virtual card request

Another step towards innovation and improvement of the virtual card process! From now on, account administrators and validators will be able to modify a virtual card request before approving it.

Note: This feature is configurable from the Web 


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